Erotic massage Kiev

Erotic massage in the “Relax” salon

Are you interested in erotic massage? Looking for an erotic massage in Kiev? Then this article is for you! Everyone who is looking for this kind of massage parlors in Kiev often chooses a round-the-clock erotic massage Kiev in the “Relax” salon here, since the prices are the most affordable, and the quality of massage services is at the highest level.

And now let’s talk about erotic massage of the buttocks and how to give it to your partner.

How to do it? He lies on his back, and you sit astride him. Place your hands flat on his buttocks and massage them in a circular motion. Increase pressure. Then place your hands on his right buttock and use your thumbs to crush the skin down to the tailbone. Massage the left and right buttocks alternately.

Why does it work? Because his ass is a very sexy zone, just like yours! In addition, it stimulates the centers of the prostate and testosterone production is located just around the tailbone, between the buttocks.

Best moment: When you get to know your partner well. On the first date, your partner may be shy about suggesting a buttock massage.

Super idea: Use different tools! Instead of your hand, place your forearms on his buttocks and perform them in a circular motion. Broader movements provide more emphasis.

Note: While a gentle touch with your fingertips is enough to stimulate the thighs, the more muscular glutes prefer intense massage.